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Posted by Broddiccus - April 26th, 2010

hocay. so since im going to be a flash animator i better act self centered :p so im writing here to update my 2 current fans, thanks for adding me as a favorite flash artist and ill try to impress you in the future. ok does anyone even read these things!? o well, anyways back to the news... at 7:24. I am currently working on a flash that is not a school project but something that is actually for newgrounds believe it or not, and this sucker is going to have it all, lip sinc, sound effects, the works. Also to note this next will be the last in the first stage of my animating career, im going to change my look! im going to drop the bulky outlines, work harder on backgrounds, and stuff like that! one of the things i really want to do is get a better sound recording system, if anyone wants to recomend anything im open to ideas, because i am currently using the sound recorder built into windows XP.

next section of the update before i get bored and get back to animating, about me. I am a fifteen year old kid living in a very unartistic community, and im the only one in my family that shares my sense of humor, not the greatest setting for an artsy kid eh? and yes i am canadian, proud of it, and i did just say Eh. another great short comings of myself, i have ADD. for all those who have no idea what that is, it basicly means i have trouble staying focused while not medicated, and for me i have the attention span of a gnat already, so once again not a good thing when getting into such a time consuming field, however i enjoy the feel of making something that is artistic, involving computers (but nhot hardware or programming) and the feelign i get when people like my animations is really great so onwards i press though i know not which way i go! to conclude i suck, and im trying not to suck, to be honest how to animate was the first accomplishment in my entire life that has actually fealt like i did something, so i will continue to work no matter how long it takes me!

PS thanks to all the people with no life like me who had time to read this, leave a comment so i know that i didnt jsut waste 10 minutes of my life :p