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well done!

the artistry was solid but some of the animations were a bit lack luster, but don't get me wrong! it was incredibly well done otherwise! I always love it when your bad guy looks like TotalBiscuit.


you animation abilities are top notch, (no pun intended) but you need to work on story board, the concept was just kind of confusing...

SwedishPlumTrees responds:

Thanks a bunch for the critique. I will definitely try to improve upon my story telling. Thanks again.


WHAT CANADIAN ACCENT!?!?!?! canadians don't have an accent you american nobs! grah, anyways, great film, loved the style, i would love to see more from you!

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fun game, the blue and purple carrots can go screw themselves, only managed to win once the purple ones decided to stop spawning.

Hints for the last puzzle for folks; UN_ _ _ _? (the cube is a touchpad, you can draw on it) and then; the extra symbols on the keypad are important, what do they remind you of?

very fun! kinda wish the safe puzzle wasn't quite so arbitrary, the previous ones were very knowledge based but the solution to that one seemed rather counter intuitive. or maybe the hint was just to convoluted, i needed a hint for that one but besides that it was a fantastic brain teaser!

i like the way that the farther down you get the faster your character moves in time with the time limit to each level (add on to that guy below, i think there's a timer on each level that decreases the further you go down, or at least it's more likely for you to fall in a random pit trap the further down you are) it really makes the panicked feel i believe you were trying to go for, when you start the game, whatever, it's just a puzzle game, and you're roaming about with little to no worry, but the farther down you get the more it becomes apparent that the bottom isn't a place you want to be, you gave that feeling to the player, not just the character, and that's pretty admirable, great game, however i would make a bit of an adjustment to it, from very early on it becomes easily apparent there's no way to get back up once you fall down past the first level, that's ok near the end, but it should come in degrees, in a 1 step forward 2 steps back kind of way, if you know what i mean. currently it feels like a straight plummet when it should be a slow decent into madness

davidmaletz responds:

Thanks for the review! Your idea is a good one, and in fact, it's already in the game, although it's more a 1 step forward, 6 steps back! If you're lucky, or move carefully to avoid pits, you'll probably be able to climb a ladder or two, perhaps even get up to the first level again!

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i can use this in an up coming animation (be prepared gunk, i shall have use for you ;))

Thanks man!

Thanks gunkel, I will be using this right about now, it will fit the requirements quite well, but i didn't need it to be 3 minutes long. :P

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